An open platform and network to trade and finance physical energy and other commodities.


  • Our AI-driven energy & commodity trading platform operates under the name of VRP Eco-System and is exclusively available for energy & commodity trading professionals seeking to execute transactions.
  • VRP Eco-System uses key AI tools and solution providers. Predictive analytics, supply chain optimization, risk identification, fraud detection and natural language processing support faster and better-informed decision-making processes.
  • VRP Eco-System is a unique platform where strong dealmakers are valued and compensated above market standards.
  • The eco-system is a real alternative to traditional commodity trading houses and energy companies.
  • We offer full flexibility on your engagement with our platform.
  • You choose how you transact and on what basis.
  • Contractual forms can be based on a single transaction, multiple transactions, advisory/consultancy services or others.

Join our team or transact
through VRP Eco-System

We are on a mission to create an open and unique eco-system where individual and collective contribution is recognized

We invite energy trading professionals to partner with us to execute new transactions in different contractual forms

We are always looking for talented energy trading professionals to join us on a transactional-, consulting- or permanent basis

For more information you can Contact us at

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Join us:

We have an entrepreneurial mindset, are value- and opportunity-driven and operate in a fast-paced environment. We connect talented and forward-thinking commodity trading professionals with a drive to perform, excel and actively manage their professional future. We are a real alternative to traditional commodity trading houses. We offer unique flexibility regarding work life balance and P&L participation.

Are you the right fit? Do you want to maximize your opportunities? Do you own transaction flows? Are you in the process of setting up new transactions where you would like to maximize your share on the P&L? Are you trying to exit a rigid corporate environment? We are actively looking to engage with commodity & energy trading professionals interested to execute transactions.

You can contact us at [email protected] or use the Transaction Sheet below to start a commercial discussion.


Transaction Sheet