Virtus Resources Partners is a Swiss-based independent energy trading group with a strong focus on the energy transition. We trade natural gas, LNG, electricity, sustainable energy products, carbon certificates and other commodities. We provide services related to market access, financing, risk management, hedging, logistics and environmental product solutions. We leverage on the power of AI and advanced technology to provide tailor-made services to our clients and support them on their journey to carbon neutrality.

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VRP Eco-System

We are on a mission to disrupt & change the commodity trading industry leveraging on the power of AI and advanced technology.

Virtus Resources Partners operates a digital eco-system. The Virtus Resources Partners Eco-System ("VRP Eco-System") is an open platform and network to trade and finance physical energy and other commodities.

Our activity involves partnering with key AI tools and solution providers to enhance our capabilities. Predictive analytics, supply chain optimization, risk identification, fraud detection and natural language processing support faster and better-informed decision-making processes.

Our AI-driven energy & commodity trading platform operates under the name of VRP Eco-System and is exclusively available for energy & commodity trading professionals seeking to execute transactions.

VRP Eco-System is a unique platform where strong dealmakers are valued and compensated above market standards. The eco-system is a real alternative to traditional commodity trading houses and energy companies.

VRP Eco-System

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